it’s gonna be okay! solace:anywhere

in the apple app store!

“it’s gonna be okay!” is the first in a series of bespoke, binaural, aural experiences we call xHeariences from our new experimental audio collective xHearience

“it’s gonna be okay!” functions as a timing app that reminds you to exist in the moment rather than wait for it to pass

where most timers make no sound until the time is up, “it’s gonna be okay” plays immersive, meditative, and personalized audio which fades out over 20 seconds to remind you of the time limit you set

xHeariences consist of six sound elements, any of which can be set to play for all or part of the xHearience (5 – 100 minutes)

the elements for the “it’s gonna be okay!” xHearience are:
– low drone (based on an Indian Shruti box)
– high drone (also based on an Indian Shruti box)
– overtones (“throat-signing”)
– voix (falsetto singing)
– healing purrs (Molly the cat, the purriest cat I know)
– hope (a calm, reassuring, hopeful voice with the affirmation “it’s gonna be okay!”, said while petting the aforementioned cat)

the percentages are back-timed, based on the total time; as each element begins, it joins the existing soundscape of the elements that came before it

in a 10 minute xHearience:
– an element playing 100% plays for the whole 10 minute xHearience
– an element playing 50% joins for the last 5 minutes of the 10 minute xHearience
– an element playing 25% joins for the last 2.5 minutes of the 10 minute xHearience

you get the idea 🙂

In a world full of distractions, find solace in sound to better focus, meditate, fall sleep, or be present in an instant, anywhere, anytime

if you have questions or thoughts you’d like to share, write us: be kind, be safe, be well, have fun!

still in the apple app store! 🙂